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Business English: Useful Phrases for Cell Phone Calls — ESL, ESL, ESOL

As Carrie Underwood once said, “My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world.” I would add that it is becoming more and more common to make business-related phone calls over a cell phone. However, due to connection s


pecifics, it may be challenging to sound professional especially if English is not your native language. For this reason, I am providing some samples that you can use in various situations.

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In this short article, I am going to list some useful and important cell phone phrases.[pullquote] I didn’t catch what you just said [/pullquote]

A fading or weak signal

  • I’m sorry, I’m losing you. Please call back, or can I call you back?  
  •  I can hardly hear you. Please let me call you or call my land line number.
  • You are breaking up. Let me call you back.
  • I am having trouble hearing you. Could you call me back?
  • Sorry – I didn’t catch what you just said.
  • I’m afraid the line is pretty bad. I am afraid that the signal is quite weak now.

A lost call

  • Hi, it’s Gloria again. Sorry I lost you. It appears that we got cut off.
  • Hi, it’s Gloria again. My cell phone dropped the signal.
  • I am driving. We are getting into a no connection zone and I will lose you shortly. Can I call you back in a few minutes?

From: How to Talk on the Phone  — Business English ESL (Phone Etiquette for both ESL and Native Speakers of English in  the Business Environment), Succeed in America Books, 2016. The complete guide can be found on Amazon.

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