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“Dr. Venditti is an expert in foreign-born workforce development. Her presentation offered useful information and advice on how to better facilitate the international students’ learning curve leading to employment acquisition and productivity in the workplace.”

 Peter Crudele, Director of Career Services

The Harvard School of Public Health


“Dr. Nara Venditti helps immigrants to become more successful in the job market, so that they can start supporting themselves and their families.”

– Susan Bysiewicz, Secretary of the State of Connecticut

“…your presentation served as a key vehicle in helping students become creative in identifying and maximizing potential sources of employment.  You have an important message to deliver and a manner of delivery that creates a comfortable atmosphere.”

– LouAnn Bloomer, President and CEO, TBICO
The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunities




American Business Communication Program


“My Teller Supervisor’s confidence level has dramatically improved despite being just halfway through her training program. Her ability to effectively service our internal and external customers is greatly enhanced. I am very impressed with Dr. Venditti’s work and can see what a positive impact it has on her clients as well as the business community.”

– Anne M. McNamara, Vice President, Branch Manager, WebsterBank



“Dr. Venditti has done such a wonderful job that we are considering asking her to run the [American Business Communication] program again.”

– Ana M. Venancio
Human Resources Supervisor, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

I attended the [ Succeed in America] seminar, did the work… and got there. I got the promotion! Thank you, Nara!

– Enrique Colon, marketing professional, originally from Peru

“The best aspect about the program was that Nara had experience in dealing with international professionals and she understands the key issues in English communication for foreign-born people. The program was structured and well focused. It had both group and one-on-one interaction, which is important as every individual is having different areas of improvement.

– Dr. Nikhil Jalani, native of India

” Dr. Venditti, ..thank you for your seminar, although we had only two short sessions, we cover a lot of very useful information. I wish the training lasted longer!”

 – Roger Torres, Yale University, International Student from Spain

“The program focuses on real business situations and how to behave in them. Very helpful for understanding my business colleages!”

Seminar participant, Yale University



“I have enjoyed working with you, Nara, and wish you the best… as you touch the lives of foreign-born nationals living and working in the US. The participants received worthwhile information and valuable tools to help them assimilate into the American culture and obtain their career goals.”

 Fran Addison, Research Administrator, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Medical School, 
University of Maryland, Baltimore

“In many years in American business I learned that it is no so much your technical skills less but being a better communication communicator is the key to success”

Dr. Venditti’s seminar helped one of my key employees to recognize his deficiency, that to work on improving his communicationis an on-going goal – and the result is very,very important for the job.

VP, government relations .




“[Nara] is so well suited to understad the needs of the foreign-born person and to help them learn the business etiquette of the American business culture. She’s done it herself, and she is very succcesful at it.”

 Sis Mitchell, Director of Western Connecticut Regional Adult and Continuing Education

“Nara Venditti’s workshops brought people to our library who had never come before. We are booking her seminar again because it offers the immigrant community information on succeeding in the business community.”

– Michelle Foyt, Business & Career Resources Librarian, Russell Library, Middletown, CT.


 “Finding employment is challenging for some of our students, we booked Succeed in America seminar to provide them with 
essential employability information and boost their confidence in the job search process.”

– Jill Daley, Coordinator, Adult and Continuing Education, Plainville, CT.

Dr. Venditti uses a practical approach that yields real results.  In just a few short classes my ESL students gained confidence and learned useful English expressions for job searching”,

 – Paula Lenge, ESL instructor

“The participants appreciated the informative presentation but even more so the interactive sections were invaluable.”


– Erin Golembewski, PhD, Graduate School,

University of Maryland, Baltimore



“If you are looking for a presenter that can help your international students succeed in the job market, look no further than Dr. Nara Venditti. She will put together a presentation that is insightful, humorous and packed full of helpful information.”

– David McDonough, Director of Career Services, Clark University.


Seminars on cultural diffences and employability


“One of the powerful parts of the seminar was to be able to connect with a total stranger  in just three minutes…”

– Trevor King

“Wish the session could have been longer.  Great draw in the audience with information”.

“Losts of specifics.  Excellent examples and discussion. Would like more time”.

“A chock full of tips and tools on effective communication in business”.

“Excellent training; well communicated.”

“Hope you’ll be a presenter next year.  Well prepared!”

“Very perceptive.  I loved the interaction!”

– CAACE Conference Participants

“(Nara’s) sense of humor is nicely integrated into her speeches… it drives home points and keeps the audience involved and listening.”

“Excellent handouts and thoughtfully presented information on cultural differences.”

“Excellent examples of cultural awareness! Great Job Nara!”

“This is probably the most entertaining session I have been to! Very good presentation!”

“I would definitely attend another of Nara’s presentations… I wish it lasted longer!”

– Session participants, Association For Services Management



“…Dear Dr. Venditti,
Almost two months ago I attended one of your seminars. After following all the steps you taught me, I applied for the job of my dreams and for my surprise they called me and I got it!!!  First I thank God and I also thank you for everything you taught us that day!”

– Norma Santos, U.S. permanent resident, native of Brazil


“Our ESL clients enjoyed and learned a great deal from Nara’s “How To Get A Job In The USA” program here at DanburyLibrary.  Her sound advice and tips on the American job hunting culture should be helpful to anyone seeking employment in the United States.”

– Elissa, Scudder, ESL Coordinator, Danbury Public Library, Connecticut, USA

“This workshop makes you think…It gives you optimism!”

– participant, originally from Morocco

Thank you for coming and presenting your wonderful workshop!  I thought it went very well.  The audience was very attentive and learned a lot, I’m sure.  My coworkers reported that a couple of people from the program were at the Service Desk saying the program was great.”

– Librarian, Public Library, CT


Just a quick note to tell you that I got a hotel job!!!  I had read and studied some parts of your CD and presentation before the interview and was well prepared. Thank you soooo much for you help! Take care and once again, thank you for you help in making this happen!”

– Gabriel Mayor Gavier, hotel industry professional, native of Argentina


“On behalf of Greenwich Library, I would like to thank you so much for your very informative workshop, How to Get a Job in the USA… You facilitated a very diverse group effectively. Your workshop stressed the benefit of networking and it was interesting to note that was precisely what the participants seemed to enjoy: networking with each other! The stated goals of many at the workshop were to learn to speak English better and to get better jobs in the USA. Your concern for helping them to achieve their goals was evident. The coaching you gave them Sunday afternoon should help them to achieve their version of the American Dream!”

– Wynne Delmhorst, Adult Programs Coordinator, Greenwich, CT Library, USA

The presenter was very precise and on target in all themes covered tonight

– Job Search American-style seminar participant

The program was very interesting, very helpful. Covered everything about find a job

The entire session is very helpful and the way it was presented is excellent.

I liked everything about it [the program] . It would be very helpful for a new graduate. I liked the step-by-step process of finding job in the USA.


I like the best thing is how to communicate with people, how to stand in front of your boss, how to use eye contact.

I appreciated all from the beginning to the end. It was great!

Hartford, CT, Public Library seminar participants

Coaching Sessions


“A career coach should not only explore career opportunities with you but also understand who you are and really care about your personal goals. Nara masters in all in those aspects. She keeps you focused in your job search while providing invaluable mentoring.”

– Sonia de Sa, native of Brazil

Dr. Nara, just in two 50 min. sessios coached me, and I was very confident at the interview, and got the job!

-Rosario Matias, banking professional, New York

I needed to prepare for a job interview. After just in one 50 minute session with Dr. Nara, I got tips and encouragement that gave me the confidence to do well and get the job.

– Diego Pereira, originally from Puerto Rico


Here is what others are saying

about Succeed in America Books


How to Get a Job in the USA

A Step-by-Step Guide for Immigrants, Foreign Nationals and Anyone Entering or Re-entering the US Job Market (Emphasizing American Business Communication Basics)

“This book is filled with insightful and often humorous information that can really help international students or recent immigrants succeed in the workplace. Dr. Venditti has produced an invaluable resource for University professionals and individual job seekers.”

– David McDonough, Director of Career Services, Clark University


How to Get a Job in the USA by Nara Venditti is the best book I have found to help immigrants and foreigners looking for a job in the US go through the job search process. This book will help you to have a much better understanding of what you need to do to get the job that you want. The book comes with the perspective of a person who was born outside the US, traveled to the US, and went through the job search process herself. This is a MUST have book for foreign-born and immigrant job seekers!


– Nelson Merchan, President, CLICROI SEM/SEO


I loved the book [How to Get a Job in the USA]. It is up to date, written in simple English… A very helpful tool for our students!

– Guidance Counselor, CT public school district

“How to Get a Job in the USA is a very easy to follow step-by-step guide that teaches everyone how to get a Job in the USA. The author’s dedication in helping her readers is expressed in her simple instructions of how to build up the tools for effective networking and success.”

– Omar Abrantes, native of Mexico

“It is a step by step guide that teaches everyone how to get a book in the USA. The author’s dedication in helping her readers is expressed in her simple instructions of how to build up the tools for effective networking and success. It has helpful explanations, glossaries, templates for writing business letters. It helped me to find my dream job. Buy the book it will help you too!”

– Etleva Agolli, Albanian native


(A mini-dictionary of the most common words and phrases you need to know to communicate effectively in American business)

“We do business in over 120 countries. And, as a leader with global responsibilities, it is critical that I communicate effectively wherever I am on the globe. Having a dictionary in English of the most common words and phrases used in American Business would be a great tool that can be provided to my global colleagues to help them better understand what I am saying… and to enable them to more effectively communicate with me!”


– Thomas L. Schlick, Senior Vice President,
Datacard Global Services, Datacard Group
(The World’s Leader in Secure ID and Card Personalization Solutions), USA


“Mastering  business lingo is a must. This initiativeis a very needed step towards better communication in our business.  The useof a “communication” toolsuch as “Ameri$peak”could make ourbusiness-life a lot easier. For all those professionals, who are challenged to make the globe much smaller and more effective, I recommend to start reading [Ameri$peak] and practicing.”


– Pim Bonsel, Executive Vice President,
 Association for Service Management International,
Executive Director, Research and Studies, Switzerland


“…the most common words and phrases you need to know … is very valuable for foreigners, I think. It should surely expedite the learning of jargons and, at the same time, help them understand better the mentality of corporate America.”

George N. Cardenas, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, 
Walsh Properties, American national, born in Spain


“I wish I had this [dictionary] several years ago, when I was trying to find my way in the business/professional world, where the use of idioms is so wide spread, there is hardly a sentence it is missing from. …I’m sure this will be very handy to any one who is not too familiar with American English.”


– Eli Ben-Ezra, Senior Sales Engineer, NextNine Inc., Israeli national, USA


“It took me a year or two before I understood all of the nuances the American business jargon offers. This mini-dictionary will be very helpful for the person coming to US or a person dealing with a US businessmen in other parts of the world.”

– Mauri A. Korhonen, Vice President and General Manager,
Ingenico Customer Services, US and Canada, Finnish national, USA


“This is a very interesting concept and I believe this will prove popular in many countries… I do have people working for me in the UK whose first language is not English. They would benefit from understanding and using these phrases. …you [Nara Venditti] have created something unique that can add significant value to many people around the world.”

– Simon Morris, Director, Global Marketing,
ClickSoftware (NasdaqSC: CKSW), UK

I read the book and loved it. This is a great book for people whose native language is not English and want to better understand the language and improve their communication skills.

– Nelson Merchan, President, CLICROI SEM/SEO

It is a great handy dictionary. This book provided me with key words and phrases that helped me a lot at work. It tought me a lot and improved my communication skills at the workplace. Very useful and handy! Extremely helpful and a must buy for new immigrants entering in the business world.

– Etleva Agolli, Real Estate Professional

The book defines the most popular words and expressions used in the United States and in many cases shows an example of how to use them in a sentence. In addition, there is a list of suggestions to improve communication starting page 89.

Nelson Merchan, President, CLICROI

“Waiting for an appointment, riding in a train, I carry Ameri$peak on me. It always a reminder of what “knowledge on language and words” can do for our everyday performance at work.”

– Wahida, native of Pakistan

Immigrant Experience: Then and Now

(The American Melting Pot)


“Dr. Nara Venditti captures the immigrant experience in an enlightening and inspiring way. Nara gathers from her own experiences as an immigrant and her expertise as a scholar to present a program that enriches the audience. Nara entertainswith humor and engages the audience by encouraging people to share their family stories about their own immigrant experiences. Her presentation on Italian history, culture and immigration connected East Haven residents to their past in a way that captivated and invigorated everyone in attendance. Many audience members said of the event “This was a wonderful community event!” “I enjoyed this so much, Thank-you!” I highly recommend Nara as a speaker and entertainer for any community seeking to connect with its immigrant past.”

– Cynthia Gwiazda, Public Services Librarian, Hagaman Memorial Library. East Haven, CT 06512


Keep those newsletters coming! I love the information!

– Outreach librarian, New York

Thank you, you gave me nice guide in my life. In my life best advice how I can get a job

Pravin Pandra, Norwich, CT


Very informative, well presented, will help me in getting employed.

Norwich, CT


As Americans, we need to hear from a teacher from the other country.

Joan Johnson, Norwich, CT


Libraries (more)


Youth Programs

Nara, this note comes to say thank you for your presentation and attention to detail at the library’s Teen Job Readiness workshop on April 23rd. Our Youth coordinator also speaks of how on time the information was. Most importantly was the comments and feedback we received from the participants. Working with you was indeed a pleasure and I look forward to our working together again real soon.


Opal B. Lindsay

Opal Brown Lindsay, MLIS, MS
Mt. Vernon Public Library