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A Thank You Letter – A Tool to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired – EzineArticles, June 5, 2009

Listen to PRWeb Podcast on Helping Students to Succeed in the Global Workplace

Educate Them and They Will Come, p.7
(Marketing to Multicultural Patrons through Education) 
Ethnic Services Round Table, New York Library Association

Asking For and Getting a Raise
Tribuna, Sep. 6-19, 2006

Gender Issues in the American Workplace
EXPATICA, September, 2006

Gender Interaction across Cultures
Mobility, August, 2006

Job Offer Negotiation Tips – Benefits
Tribuna, June 28-July, 11, 2006

Project Self-Confidence
Tribuna, May 3 -16, 2006

Salary Negotiation Tips – Part I
Tribuna, May 31-June 13, 2006

Marketing to Hispanics through Educational Services
Podcast, Hispanic Marketing and PR, June, 2006

Focus on Soft Skills
S-Business magazine, May, 2006

Honey, I got a job!

Mobility magazine, ERC, free until 5.31.06

Evaluate Educational Credentials
Tribuna, April 05-18, 2006, #162

Seven Tips for Successful Job Interview ››
Tribuna, March 8–21, 2006

Boost Your Career with Toastmasters ››
Tribuna, Feb 8–21, 2006

Your resume is a crucial tool for your marketing ››
Tribuna, Jan 11–24, 2006

Succeed in America: Ten proven ways to reduce your accent ››
Tribuna, Dec 14–27, 2005

A few common questions for a successful job interview ››
Tribuna, Nov 16–29, 2005

Business Etiquette: Dress for Success ››
Tribuna, Oct–Nov 1, 2005

Networking skills are critical for your professional success in the USA ››
Tribuna, Sept 21–Oct 4, 2005

Is speaking English enough to communicate? ››
Tribuna, Aug 24–Sept 6, 2005

Before the job interview, get to know the company ››
Tribuna, Aug 10–23, 2005

Getting a job: The most common interview question ››
Tribuna, June 29–July 12, 2005

Enjoy free learning opportunities at the Danbury Library ››
Tribuna, June 1–14, 2005

How Can the GED Help Your Career ››
Tribuna, May 4–17, 2005

The American Job Market: Professions in Demand ››
Tribuna, April 6–19, 2005

Job Hunting in America: Knowing the Rules ››
Tribuna, March 9–22, 2005

Building Global Diversity Intelligence: Global Diversity Panel ››
AFSM International, Jan/Feb, 2005

Building Global Diversity Intelligence: Global Diversity Tips: Greetings ››
AFSM International, Sept/Oct, 2004