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Catalog of Seminars, Workshops, and Educational Materials on Employability-Careers, Managing Diversity, and Business Communication. Programs are customized by industry



“My Teller Supervisor’s confidence level has dramatically improved despite being just halfway through her training program. Her ability to effectively service our internal and external customers is greatly enhanced. I am very impressed with Dr. Venditti’s work and can see what a positive impact it has on her clients as well as the business community.” – Anne M. McNamara, Vice President, Branch Manager, WebsterBank, Danbury, CT

(emphasing multicultural customer service)

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“The best aspect about the program was that Nara had experience in dealing with international professionals and she understands the key issues in English communication for foreign-born people.” –  Dr. Nikhil Jalani,  FuelCell Energy





“Dr. Venditti is an expert in foreign-born workforce development. Her presentation offered useful information and advice on how to better facilitate the international students’ learning curve leading to employment acquisition and productivity in the workplace.” Peter Crudele, Director of Career Service, The Harvard School of Public Health


  • Accent Reduction
  • Job Interview
  • American Business Communication
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Career Coaching

Keynote Speeches

  • There will be Differences: Managing Diversity in the 21st Century Workplace
  • Live, Work, Love, Succeed: Empowering Women

Books and Educational Materials

  • How to Get a Job in the USA (A step-by-step guide for immigrants and foreign born emphasizing American business communication basics). 
    ISBN: 0-9777054-0-4
    Library of Congress Control Number 2005911312
  • Ameri$peak (a pocket dictionary of the words and expressions most frequently used in the American business and workplace)
    ISBN: 0-9777054-1-2
    Library of Congress Control Number 2005911313

“How To Get A Job In The USA™” details each step of the job search process by providing explanations, glossaries, exercises, templates and instructions with emphasis on aspects of cultural differences. The ultimate purpose of the book is to “jump start” acculturation and a cultural shift in foreign nationals and immigrants in understanding and accepting American values and to bring American employers and foreign born skilled workforce together. The book was recently highly recommended by Richard N. Bolles (author of bestselling “What Color is Your Parachute?”) the worldly renowned authority in the career field.

“Ameri$peak™” is a dictionary containing key words and expressions often spoken in the American business setting. This knowledge is essential to anyone who hopes to work in the US or who does business with Americans. 

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America is a country of many opportunities. It is also a highly competitive society. In the United States, verbal communication skills are crucial for establishing credibility and achieving success. Very often in the USA, the ability to communicate with confidence will open more doors than a college degree.

To help our participants to achieve their goals, we developed short result oriented modules with highly specific learning objective.

“I attended the [ Succeed in America] seminar, did the work… and got there. I got the promotion! Thank you, Nara!”

– Enrique Colon, marketing professional, originally from Peru

“Dr. Venditti has done such a wonderful job that we are considering asking her to run the [American Business Communication] program again.”

– Ana M. Venancio
Human Resources Supervisor, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

“This course helped me to be more independent and confident in conversation with other people. It was too short! “

– Olga Jatushewska, Poland

Communication skills are needed everywhere. If you are a business owner, you need to know how to communicate to your customers and suppliers. If you are looking for a job, you need those all-important verbal communication skills to market yourself and get gainful employment.

  • Learn the building blocks for effective communication in business

  • Master American business etiquette and culture
  • Become more confident and increase your competitiveness in the workplace
  • Enhance your value in the workplace and socially

“A chock full of tips and tools on effective communication in business!” – Anonymous Seminar Participant

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This mini-dictionary is for those who currently work in the USA, who hope to enter American job market, and also anyone abroad who works with American colleagues. It

  • helps you to communicate confidently and effectively in American business;

  • provides you with the right amount of keywords and expressions needed for daily business interactions with Americans and others proficient in English;
  • helps you to create your own customized business vocabulary.

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