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“The best aspect about the program was that Nara had experience in dealing with international professionals and she understands the key issues in English communication for foreign-born people.” – Dr. Nikhil Jalani, native of India, scientist


Do you know …

  • that 85% of your success is attributable to your ability to express ideas and communicate while only 15% is due to technical knowledge (Carnegie Institute of Technology)?
  • and that many non-native speakers of English and foreign-born professionals have communication challenges that are in the way of their career success. 


Dear Friend:

If you are interested in radically improving your communication effectiveness in American Business English, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is why:

Succeed in America books and programs  are designed by a nationally recognized educator, author and coach who brings first hand experience to help foreign-born and multicultural professionals equip themselves with tools to master powerful communication skills and overcome communication challenges to succeed in the American workplace.

Our Program Package Your Brilliance will help you to achieve greater job satisfaction, get promoted faster and, ultimately, get a larger paycheck. It covers selected highlights from different modules of The Succeed in America System™ – an   integrated course for effective communication.

Our two books Ameri$peak and How to.. are jam-packed with tips, strategies and techniques that will  empower participants with information and skills to become skillful communicators and enable them to find employment and facilitate advancement in their careers.

“The best aspect about the program was that Nara had experience in dealing with international professionals and she understands the key issues in English communication for foreign-born people.”
– Dr. Nikhil Jalani, native of India, Scientist, Technology Company

SIA programs and books are especially useful to:

• Multicultural job seekers and employees in the global workforce
• International students looking to get employed in the US
• Spouses and partners of relocating executives
• H1B and L Visa holders
• Those who need foreign accent modification and reduction
• Multicultural employees who need public speaking skills

Ameri$peak helped me understand Americans better and reduce speaking stress. Also, it has valuable tools to improve communication starting page 89.”- – Gabriel Cruz, originally from Brazil

Our products and services include REMOTE and IN-PERSON coaching, courses and group sessions, books and educational resources in areas of:

• Job interview coaching 
• Business communication
• Improving business conversational English
• Accent reduction coaching
• Networking and making business contacts

“Dr Venditti is an amazingly gifted coach and mentor. Her energy, positive attitude and constant encouragement we decisive to helped me move forward!”
– Veronica Bacelar, Senior Associate, Banking Industry

Check out our two recent books Ameri$peak and How to..

Check out our two recent books Ameri$peak and How to..

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SIA programs and books provide  the building blocks for effective communication in business needed to:

  • Improve speech clarity and turn your accent into an asset
  • Increase confidence and competitiveness in the workplace
  • Effortlessly communicate with your customers and colleagues
  • Network with American professionals
  • Master  American business etiquette and culture
  • Present to all audiences and conduct effective meetings
  • Enhance your value in the workplace and socially
  • Help you package your brilliance and demonstrate your worth for the job or promotion you deserve

To help our participants to achieve their goals, we developed short result oriented modules with highly specific learning objective.


“I attended the [ Succeed in America] seminar, did the work… and got there. I got the promotion! Thank you, Nara!”

– Henry Wang, originally from China

“Dr. Venditti has done such a wonderful job that we are considering asking her to run the [American Business Communication] program again.”

– Ana M. Venancio
Human Resources Supervisor, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

“This course helped me to be more independent and confident in conversation with other people. It was too short! “

– Olga Jatushewska, Poland


Sample Topics:

  • Improve communication skills one block at a time                                                                                            
  • Avoid mistakes international professionals make 90% of the time                                                               Build powerful business vocabulary
  • Conduct and participate in meetings
  • Learn tactics to adjust body language for better communication
  • Network for profit and success
  • Learn to speak on your feet and present to non-technical audiences
  • Business etiquette for multicultural and international professionals
  • Actively listen to connect for relationship building
  • In other words, this program will help you package your brilliance and communicate your worth to get a job or get the promotion you deserve





America is a country of many opportunities. It is also a highly competitive society. In the United States, verbal communication skills are crucial for establishing credibility and achieving success. Very often in the USA, the ability to communicate with confidence will open more doors than a college degree.

That’s why we developed result oriented training modules with highly specific learning objective and created our books .