Succeed in America

Overcome Cultural and Linguistic Barriers. Improve Effectiveness 

How to Get a Job in the USA

(With emphasis on business communication basics)


The course is designed to turn students into confident job seekers. The participants will learn:

  • What American employers want
  • Where to look for job leads
  • How to market themselves
  • How to avoid costly mistakes and not to miss out on job offers
  • How to put together the paperwork
  • How to go about finding job openings
  • How to NETWORK
  • How to negotiate a job offer and discuss salary
  • Many communication tools to apply in life in the US

… Your presentation served as a key vehicle in helping students become creative in identifying and maximizing potential sources of employment.  You have an important message to deliver and a manner of delivery that creates a comfortable atmosphere.”

– LouAnn Bloomer, President and CEO, TBICO
(The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunities)

“…I attended …your seminar….I applied for the job of my dreams…and I got it! First, I thank God and I also thank you for everything you taught us that day!

– Norma Santos, native of Brazil


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“Nara, just a quick note that I got the [hospitality industry] job! I read your [book] …and was well prepared. Thanks soooo much for your help!…once again…thank you for your help inmaking thia happen!”

– Gabriel Mayor Gavier, native of Argentina


“When in Rome, do as the Romans. The company that hires, not only looks for a skillful candidates but also for one who fits in. This book is an excellent guide for a job search or interview… Knowing what to expect should make you more relaxed and enables you to sell yourself more effectively.”

 Mauri A. Korhonen, VP and GM, Ingenico Customer Services, USA

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Sample follow up letter #1

Your name
Street Address, phone, e-mail address



Interviewer’s name
Company name
Street address
City, State, zip code


Dear Ms. (Mr., Mrs.):

[1] Thank the interviewer for her or his time. Mention some specifics about the interview to remind the interviewer who you are, e.g.,
I am writing to thank you for interviewing me on… (date, e. g., Sept 28) for the chemical engineer position. It was especially informative to meet you at your Tampa plant. I was very impressed with the _______ equipment (identify specific equipment by name) you had at this location.

[2] Restate your interest in the company and the position, and mention why you are a good candidate for the job. In addition, you can add another piece of information about yourself that you did not have the chance to present during your interview, e.g., 
I would like to reiterate that I am very interested in the position. I believe I have the combination of education and experience to do the job.

[3] Suggest providing additional information at the interviewer’s request. You may also mention that you will follow up with a phone call in a few days, e.g., 
If I can provide you with additional information, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Your Name


Adapted from “How to Get a Job in the USA” page 79 by Dr. Nara Venditti

Buy the book ›› $19.99 plus applicable tax and handling/shipping charges

“I have enjoyed working with you, Nara, and wish you the best… as you touch the lives of foreign-born nationals living and working in the US. The participants received worthwhile information and valuable tools to help them assimilate into the American culture and obtain their career goals.”

 Fran Addison, Research Administrator
( Department of Biomedical Sciences, Medical School,
University of Maryland, Baltimore