Succeed in America

Overcome Cultural and Linguistic Barriers. Improve Effectiveness 

“The best aspect about the program was that Nara had experience in dealing with international professionals and she understands the key issues in English communication for foreign-born people.”

 – Dr. Nikhil Jalani, native of India, scientist, Fuel Cell


  1. Package      Your Brilliance™: Build communication      skills one block at a time
General session building awareness of the key communication issues critical to successful advancement in the American workplace, including self-promotion, overcoming stereotyping, word usage, and stages of the learning curve. Provides selected tips and techniques for effective communication.
  1. Accent      Makeover: Avoid mistakes international professionals      make 90% of the time. Improve speech clarity and turn your accent into an asset
Participants will learn the characteristics of an accent and the components of clear speech.  This session covers seven typical mistakes common to the majority of non-native speakers. It provides tips for overcoming these mistakes. In addition, participants will brush up on the most challenging consonants, vowels and diphthongs, word stress, and more. Information on speech habits for selected nationalities will be provided.
  1. Executive      Vocabulary: Build a powerful vocabulary focused on your      professional success.
Part I. The three most important words every executive should know and use. Words and phrases to use  and to avoid with your boss and colleagues, including  23 words that convey power, benefits and value working together and 36 words to stay away from. Words and phrases to use and to avoid when declining an assignment, negotiating a raise or asking for a promotion.  Non-verbal vocabulary. Part II  Ameri$peak: Most frequent idioms, acronyms, phrasal verbs you need to know to communicate effectively in the American business. Small but important words: prepositions.
  1. Top      Networking Tips: Build your network before you need it –      to  connect with colleagues,      management, mentors and sponsors for professional success
Four steps to effective networking. Brand components and managing your brand. Company culture and what should you learn about it. Mentorship and sponsorship and networking. How to find and approach mentors and sponsors. How to earn senior level sponsorship. Networking basics, including small talk and working the room.
  1. Make Your      Point: Top tips for effective presentations,      including  speaking on your feet and present to non-technical audiences
Eight steps to effective presentations with emphasis on presenting to non-technical audiences. Overcoming the fear of public speaking.  Avoiding the details trap. Simplifying your language: know the audience and speak their language.  Brushing up on delivery techniques and mastering fine points of delivery. Tips for thinking on your feet. Proposal and technical briefing.