Succeed in America

Overcome Cultural and Linguistic Barriers. Improve Effectiveness 

Workplace-Based English Language Skills

Many industries are becoming increasingly dependent on foreign labor.  In areas such as IT and engineering, restaurant and hospitality, the ratio of foreign to domestic labor is increasing dramatically.

  • Provide programs specifically designed for your organization’s communication needs
  • Help your non-native speakers to communicate more effectively
  • Ameri$peak: Improve their vocabulary
  • Increase effectiveness in the workplace
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Align your workers to your organizational goals

Here is what participants are saying:

“The workshop provided me with the tools to improve my communication skills”. 

“I loved the insights into American culture… especially the do’s and dont’s.”

Available companion BOOK containing the most common words and expressions in American business and WORKSHOP for improving communication in the workplace.

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